2020 CLIL Symposium Schedule

Time (GMT -5)Event
8:00am-8:15amEvent Opening, Pía Osorio
Directora del Instituto de Idiomas
Universidad del Norte
8:20am-9:10amThe Role of Local Context in EMI Implementation
Joyce Kling (PhD)
University of Copenhagen
9:15am- 10:05amMaking links in CLIL classrooms: Pedagogical practice and teacher development
Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe (PhD)
University of the Basque Country
10:10am- 11:00amExploring Student Disciplinary Literacies in English-medium higher education: Where do we start?
Emma Dafouz (PhD)
Complutense University of Madrid
11:05am- 11:55amSTEAMing Ahead in Project-Based Learning
Sarah Hillyard (MA)
ELT Academic Consultant
11:55am-1:00pmLunch Break
1:00pm-1:40pm Opportunities and Challenges implementing CLIL at a University Minor Program in Intercultural Studies
Diana Gómez-Pereira (PhD)
Universidad de la Sabana
1:45pm-2:25pm C is for Community, C is for Citizenship, C is for LiteraCy
Zuleima Ahumada
Colegio San Jose (Barranquilla, Colombia)
2:30pm-3:10pm Articulating the C of Culture in CLIL: An Approach towards its Revitalization
Carlos Eduardo Aguilar-Cortés
Universidad de la Salle
3:15pm-3:55pm CLIL: A Straight Jacket or a Golden Opportunity? An Overview of Bilingual Teachers’ Perceptions
Daniela Duarte (Gimnasio Fontana School--Bogotá, Colombia)
Laura Quesada (Colegio La Colina--Bogotá, Colombia)
Gonzalo Sánchez (Gimnasio del Norte--Bogotá, Colombia)
4:00pm-4:40pm Global Travelers: A PBL Experience
Yuddy Pérez
Universidad del Norte
4:45pm-5:30pm Learnings from Implementing CLIL
Yuranny Barrera Zerda
Universidad Nacional de Colombia & Pontificia Universidad Javeriana